Skills Classes

Lawyers need many non-legal skills to create professional success. Michael Moore’s special skills classes compliment his professional coaching programs. Each one (1) hour class focuses on a specific skill and includes material from recognized experts. The law firm can choose any combination of six (6) classes to create their very own customized program.

Networking   Every lawyer needs to build effective networks to be successful. Learn specific tactics like Give to Get and how to create Circles of Influence. Understand how to build, expand and maintain a productive network.

Social Competence  Learn techniques to feel confident in any setting from business event to seminar or cocktail party. Make effective connections and build professional relationships.

Social Media Networking   Learn how to prospect on the Electronic Frontier. Exponentially leverage your social and cultural capital to create financial capital.

Professional Etiquette   From dining dilemmas to social events with clients, first impressions are more critical than ever. Avoid mistakes, gain confidence and stand out from the crowd.

How to Ask for Business   Learn the skills necessary to bring in new business. Overcome the perception that you did not go to law school to become a salesperson, that good client service should be enough. Understand the value of the Narrow Focused Request.

Generational Issues   Four generations are now in the workplace. Each has different ways of working, thinking and talking.  Learn the impact of perceptions, evaluations, and changing paradigms. Understand the critical issue of culture fit with both clients and co-workers.

Client Development   Learn new methods to improve client service, build loyalty and handle difficult client situations. Develop effective marketing tools like public speaking and writing.

Working with Staff Effectively   Every lawyer needs to work effectively with their staff. Learn how and gain insight into hiring, motivation and retention of assistants, paralegals and others.

Teamwork in Practice    Learn practical ideas for empowering practice teams, and how to take advantage of opportunities for cross selling through existing client relationships.

Life/Work Balance   Lack of balance has damaged many successful lawyers’ careers. Learn about adaptation, accommodation and how to disengage from work.

Law Firm Economics   Personal economic productivity will dictate your success or failure. You need to understand billing rates, overhead and staff and attorney compensation. Learn the key metrics to develop positive results. Gain a basic understanding of the business of law.

The Business of Diversity   Learn why diversity is more than just a “do-the-right-thing” goal. Clients are expecting diversity from their law firms. Firms need diversity to attract talented lawyers.  Understand the business drivers behind the concept.