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If your law firm is motivated to maximize its collective value, you need to focus on aligning your stars.

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Charles Darwin observed that “It is not the strongest of the species who survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”

Law firm’s are facing tremendous market challenges. Client demands are changing the requirements of law firm performance. Generational pressures within firms are forcing change as younger partners assume management positions. Law firms must be responsive to these dynamics to create success and retain their talented lawyers.

Succession Planning

Recent studies have highlighted how the current demographics in most law firms, regardless of size, now make succession planning a critical issue. Every law firm needs specific strategies to engage in the active transfer of knowledge to the young lawyers who are the future of the firm. This includes key client relationships, the core values of the firm’s culture, and critical operational and economic details about the firm. Michael Moore works with both firm management and individual lawyers to create and sustain these transitions.

Strategic Planning

Evolving market dynamics and disruptive technologies are putting current revenue streams at risk. Effective strategic plans should include goals, objectives, strategies and tactics. Firm expectations need to be clearly defined in terms of personal productivity, client development, professional skill expansion and firm management contribution. The plan should outline clear objectives, timelines and personal accountability for measuring progress. Michael Moore helps law firm’s build strategic plans that are unique, relevant and focused.

Firm Retreats

Frequently the most effective planning activity for law firms is to gather the membership together and create effective consensus. Whether at the firm or off-site, single day or multiple days, the focus should be to identify strengths of the firm that can be leveraged to create a long term growth plan. The process needs to turn analysis, debate and planning into execution, accountability and results. Michael Moore helps firm leaders design and execute an effective retreat customized to the unique culture and objectives of the firm.